Electric bikes

Did you know that through us you can easily have an electric bike for your company with leasing financing!

Benefits of electric bike

Electric bikes benefit everyone, as people of all ages and fitness levels can travel quickly and easily over long distances. The electric bike makes cycling comfortable, so even a little longer distance is quickly and cheaply folded. Cycling also reduces greenhouse gas emissions and allows you to move around in summer and winter as long as the equipment is in order.

In Finland, legal electric bikes run at 25km/h and depending on the battery, one charge can go 50-120 kilometers. Charging the battery is easy and inexpensive. The cost of commuting is significantly reduced compared to motoring. A 10-kilometer trip to work with an electric bike can save hundreds of euros in a year.

How the leasing works?

Choose the most suitable electric bike for you together with our specialist

An offer and financing application will be made and sent to the customer

The leasing contract can be concluded for 24 months to 48 months

The electric bikes will be delivered to the customer ready for use

How e-bike benefit taxation works?

If the employer owns an bicycle, the value of the bicycle benefit in the employee tax is calculated as follows:

The purchase price of the bicycle is divided by the expected lifetime of the bicycle. The value obtained is increased by the interest rate on the capital (price of the bicycle). This results in an annual cost of capital. If the employer also pays for the maintenance, repair, etc. of the bicycle, the cost is added to the cost of capital. The amount received is the annual value of the benefit. The monthly salary calculation value is obtained by dividing the annual value by months of use.

If a company purchases an employment bicycle through a leasing agreement, the value of the bicycle benefit in the employee tax is the cost to the employer (leasing fee / month) minus office expenses.

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